Anxiety can take on many forms. They range from a general feeling of nervousness or doom, to specific fears or phobias, and panic attacks. Sometimes, we don’t even know what causes our anxiety and it seems we have no control over it.


  • nervousness
  • physical symptoms, such as stomach aches or rapid heart beat
  • sleep problems
  • racing thoughts
  • intense fear
  • constant worrying
  • fear of social situations

How Counseling Can Help

Fortunately, anxiety can be addressed more easily than you might think. I can help you by evaluating the causes of your anxiety. Together, we can look at situations that trigger your fears and find different ways for you to deal with them. Among other strategies, you can learn breathing and other relaxation techniques that will help you cope with and reduce your anxiety.

“Antje was terrific in equipping me with tools to monitor my own thoughts and behavior.  It was instrumental in finding ways to handle my anxiety.”

- M, 41

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I don’t charge for emails or phone calls.

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