In my experience, dating couples as well as people who have been married for years or decades can benefit from counseling. If you think there might be a problem in your relationship, even a minor one, I recommend seeking assistance as early as possible. Unfortunateley, couples often fail to ask for help until their problems have escalated to the point where they are more difficult to address.

Common Issues

  • communication
  • jealousy/trust
  • financial problems
  • child rearing
  • intimacy
  • frequent arguments/anger

How Counseling Can Help

Counseling can help couples identify and change negative communication and interaction patterns. Couples can learn to understand each other’s wishes, fears and motivations and start relating to one another again in a more positive manner.

“My husband and I were in a bad place. It was like we were speaking a different language and Antje helped us translate. After all those months of just yelling we finally talk to each other again.”

- R, 34

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I don’t charge for emails or phone calls.

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